Hey dudes, allow me to introduce myself...my name is Cooper Welch, and I'm new to the CA program. This year was my first GDC and it was AWESOME. I definitely left feeling very inspired, especially by the indy games stuff...those guy rock so hard.

Anyways, on to the artwork. I'm seriously bummed right now because I can't find my Wacom tablet. I think I've lost it. That being the case, I just did a crappy little 20min sketch. I don't really know what was going through my mind when I drew this except that I had just finished playing some Cortex Command (really awesome indy game with awesome art) and listening to progressive metal. Also, I think I just wanted to draw myself with a bionic arm...because bionic arms are cool.

So...yeah. There's no "deep" meaning in this. I was just being silly. Here you go:

Note: I'm really bad at drawing people. If you guys could give me some good crits on any characters I end up posting on here (like this guy), that would be fantastic.

Also, if anyone has an old Intuos Wacom table they're willing to part with (preferably for the cheap), please let me know. Thanks guys!


Claire Marshall said...

Copper, You say you were not going for any deeper meaning here but you have actually conveyed the character of the person in the drawing quite well here.

It's pretty hard to give advice on correct figure drawing for a character that is drawn intentionally cartoon. If your looking for some advice on how to draw people I'm more than happy to help you out there but, you got to show me a post that's drawn from life.

I really like this post, if you looking for something to "fix" he is missing his neck and the hand is not finished. You got to not be afraid of drawing stuff you don't think you can draw, otherwise how else are you going to improve?

Great stuff though keep posting!

Coop said...

Sweet, thanks for the comment Claire! Yeah, I was definitely in a more "cartoony" mood when I drew this, but next time I think I'll go a bit more realistic. One problem I have right now is figuring out the pose before I start drawing the character. I also think I put my lines down too hard so it can be difficult for me to go back in and erase if I get to a point where I don't like what the drawing is doing. Originally I wanted the left hand to be on top of the gun arm, like he was stabilizing it or something...but then I just said "screw it" and I just did kind of a cop out, choosing not to draw the hand. I was afraid of working out the details and having to erase a bunch. But yeah, you're absolutely right...I need to focus on drawing stuff I'm not comfortable with. Otherwise I'll never get any better. =p

eriKa said...

2 words. Tracing paper! (or light table!) If your dissatisfied with a pose, trace over the good elements and fill back in the rest. or Photoshop it. Good for when you want to just experiment, but not draw the same thing 8000 times. Also, don't fear posting! Throw it down! If it's crap people well tell you why it is! If its awesome people will also tell you why!

On the pose, I would have slightly adjusted the head up higher and forward, the angle doesn't seem right to me. I do however, think it is a pretty funny picture. Defining oneself visually always seems to get over thought out.

makes me think of the old megaman covers!

Claire Marshall said...

Coop, from what your wrote I think you just need more life drawing classes where they only give you 30 seconds or less to draw. The whole point of it is so you get comfortable doing lots of loose throw away drawings.

One of the first things they make you do in life drawing, is they make you do everything in pen so your not siting there working one drawing for hours erasing and redrawing over your same mistakes.

Check out my figure drawing teacher's website, he has some videos you can actually watch how he draws.


He is actually drawing with a really dark pencil so he doesn't have to press hard on the paper. I find the best way to draw is to not think about clean up at all and just keep working out a pose with light strokes. Then after your all done that's when you go back and get your light table or tracing paper or photoshop and go back over your line work. I think there is this general misconception that every artist does final line freehand. Everyone has to spend time working out a pose, the best thing to do is just get some photo reference or more practice drawing people.

This is also a really good figure drawing resource:

Jamie said...

I second the recomendation of a life drawing course; I'm taking one this semester and enjoying it lots. I don't know if you're allready a student but if you don't have access to one through a school you're allready attending, even a community college may offer a decent one (the route I'm currently working through).

My only quibble about the drawing is that where she's looking and where she's shooting don't seem to line up - like she's shooting across her knee. "Easy" remedy would be to turn her head, "better" remedy would be to turn and foreshorten the arm (and I know, foreshortening is hard!).

Coop said...

Oh man, foreshortening...that is some tough stuff right there. Yeah Jamie, you're absolutely right...that gun is in a really awkward position. I'll keep the foreshortening thing in mind for future drawings. =)