Guest Post: Rough it Up

Hello everyone! My name is Susie and I know Claire from back in the good ol' days in college. So a big "hello" to everyone out there. Like Claire, I also like to paint and draw digitally. I love not having to deal with the mess that comes from working traditionally. So I started up a new blog with some resources for artists that like to draw/paint on the computer.

My new blog is called Rough It Up. This blog features Photoshop textures, brushes, stock photos, and other freebies for you to use in your digital artwork project.

Here are a few items in particular that we've featured on the Rough It Up Blog:
Furry Wave Brush - My own PS brush that has a nice texture to it
Chalk Brush - Another brush of mine that mimics chalk/pastel mediums.
Foliage Textures and stock - 38 free stock images of ivy, plants, etc
Rust Texture Pack - 5 rusty textures
Splatter Paint Brushes - for that really great grunge feeling.

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Thanks everyone!