Challenge: Draw outside on paper!

This next challenge is to draw outside on paper. No digital stuff! We are not concerned with the quality of the drawings just the fact that your working outside in de' world. Go to your favorite park or Coffee shop and draw what you see.

Buildings: Perspective stuff is always good to practice
Humans: Think quick gesture because you never know when your subject will move.
"the nature": Animals, Plants and of course TREES ;)

Pick your top five of the 100 drawings your going to do (plenty of time right?) and scan or photograph them for your post. Extra "points" for posting cellphone photo proof that you were out and about.

Challenges are now Bi-weekly.
Have fun!


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eriKa said...

If you knew what the weather was like in Beaverton, Oregon, this week, you'd know what a "challenge" this one will really be! The results will have to be interesting!