Welcome Artists!

I've started this blog in an effort to get the GDC CA Artists folks to get to know each other better. Hopefully by participating in this blog we can all learn and grow together as artists. At first I think we will just start posting pretty casually so that we can all see what everyone is up to and then later I might start a challenge of the week. A lot of art studios are doing this sort of blog now, here is a good example: http://avalanchesoftware.blogspot.com/ The goal is it's always good to be showing other artist's your work. I encourage everyone to write constructive feedback for each other.

So don't be scared just post something, mabye a link to your website/reel. I'd like to see any kind of creative post. If you can figure out how to show us your game demo or latest creative writing in blogger format than go for it.

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Tina Wang said...

Claire, thanks for setting this up! I definitely hope to contribute.