Week 2 Challenge - Self Portrait

This week's challenge is Portraits and Self Portraits!

Self portraits:
You are your own best model. Try to draw from your imagination or use a mirror, its much better practice then working solely from using photo reference. For an extra challenge pick your favorite artist and do your portrait in their style. The thing I'm trying to challenge you to do the most this week is try to convey the character of the person in the drawing.
- What elements can you add in the background that tell us more about who you are drawing?
- How you render the image can tells us a lot about is your character. Do you like to draw very loose and with lots of different colors and visual noise? Or are you all about correctness and order. Think about really trying to push this in way you render the image. Once again its not about realism.. unless that's like your thing. Then try Hyper-realism.

If you don't like drawing yourself. Try getting a friend to sit for you! This is portrait I did for a friend in the style of Shepard Ferry's Obama poster.

I really encourage pushing the concept for this challenge. You dont see my actual face in this cartoon. But hopefully it captures my essential "claire-ness"

This is me, "Clara Beara" greeting the students for my multi-media class this week. This will be the first time I will have my own class, as opposed to being a TA for someone else. I'm very nervous and excited. It should be fun!

You can still post stuff for the tree challenge. I feel its important to introduce a new topic each week to give people a since of deadline, otherwise I know I probably would procrastinate forever on these as well :)

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