Week 2 Challenge: "Self Portrait"

I probably do too many self-portraits since I'm full of myself and can't help it, so I tried to push away from something conventional this time.


Claire Marshall said...

This is neat, I like the unconventional pallet.

Any particular reason you chopped off the top of your head? Feeling shy? In fact this whole piece makes the subject appear guarded, especially the body posture of hugging the sketch book. I don't know maybe I'm reading more into this than you intended but, that's really what makes it successful, is that there is a story there to guess about.

I like the symbolism if literally tying up your creative hand in a game controller. That could be interpreted a lot of ways.

Joyce said...

Hello there! :) I chose the wonky crop as a portrait challenge -- I draw lots of doodles of my face, so I thought that it would be interesting to try something less open and accessible, while still being a portrait at first glance. (I'd considered doing just the set of objects in some designerly way, but this was more interesting.)

It definitely encouraged me to pay more attention to the objects and to try to capture myself without saying anything outright -- directly inspired by your prompt!

eriKa said...

I understand the purpose, but it does make me want to see the head!

I like that you included all sorts of items to tell us your likes and dislikes, and the simple line style gives it a nice sunday comic feel.