Too formal?

I feel like I might have made this blog roll sound to formal and scary to get more people to post and comment, more. I really like what's gone up so far!

Please by all means don't be afraid to post something that is half finished or that you don't like. Getting feedback early on your work is sort of the whole point of starting a forum like this. So don't hold back, drowned us in art! I post the challenges to give people ideas but you are by no means limited to just posting work that is responding to a challenge.



eriKa said...

I shall go on a commenting rampage, due to your prompting! but maybe we could do a new topic every 2 weeks? (I get antsy when I'm late!)

Coop said...

I second doing a new topic every two weeks. I also just found my Wacom tablet...hooray! Digital paintings are my friends again. =)

Russ Fan said...

I would say, maybe challenges that focus on all phases of art creation. For instance, maybe your best gesture drawing of people in a coffee shop, or 5 minute freehand sketch of a coworker.

For me personally, it's about finding time to draw and yes, I definitely know you have to MAKE TIME to do things, having a constraint such as time or style would probably entice me to draw more. I know personally, I can spend weeks on a drawing and still not be happy with it.

And at some point during this comment, I appeared to have started rambling.

Claire Marshall said...

Yes please post personal work! The challenges are for those of us who need some constraints just to start a project. I will make the challenges every 2 weeks now. Its hard to come up with so many topics anyway.

Just for you Russ I will make the next challenge show us your sketch book. IE go out side and draw something! I know spend way too much time at the computer as it is.