Week 2 Challenge & Introduction

Heyo fellow CAs and artists! I'm Corvus, semionaut and narrative design consultant. While my primary means of storytelling involves speaking loudly and waggling my hands about, I also sketch, design, script, and animate. I figured the self portrait challenge was as good a time as any to introduce myself and share one of my favorite self poor-traits. It's an idle doodle, but I find it to be far more expressive and representative than the more concerted efforts I've made.


eriKa said...
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eriKa said...

I like it. I think the first thing that just falls out of your head is most often the most honest interpretation of what your thinking of. Sometimes, when you over think it you lose that great gut reaction.

long live doodles.

I think we should all play a game where we try to guess things about each other based on these portraits. In spirit of, (and all meant in the most positive sense)

I think you are probably reasonably decisive and logical, an "idea" person Somewhat hyper. maybe a bit of a neat freak and reads the newspaper.