Second Life Modeling Contest!

Calling all Second Life student developers, artists, architects, inventors, and everyone else who is interested in building great things within the SL community! The USC Second Life Student Developers Group will be holding a contest starting on the first week of November for any student modelers who wish to submit entries built around a special theme (that will be announced at a future date). And, yes, a prize will be involved. More details to come, so stay tuned!

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Reynoldsphobia said...

Ack, this post was actually supposed to go onto another blog (not sure how that happened).

That said, perhaps the contest would be of interest to all you fine readers as well. So, just in case, instead of frantically covering up this embarrassing mistake, I'll leave the post in case anyone is interested. (the contest will, in fact, be open to all university students)

More details can be found here (the blog it was supposed to be posted to): http://slsdg.blogspot.com/

and here: