Hello fellows CAs!

My, I could have sworn I had introduced myself already but I see I was mistaken. I should really stop drinking large amounts of soda and blogging at the same time! :)

My name is Julia Brasil, I am a student at the Art Institute, majoring in Game Art and Design, which is a very broad field but reflects my three biggest interests: Games, Art and Design. Now if only there was a Games, Art, Design, Fiction, History and Philosophy program, I'd be set.

I am very excited at all the great work I see in this blog and can't wait to see what you will come up with for all kinds of great challenges and exercises or just good old fashioned CA craziness in the future.

As for now, here is something I did a while back. Recently, I have been doing more realistic paintings. This one is more 'baroque' than my other stuff.

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eriKa said...

I like the use of lighting and detail on the fabric. Very much like classic portraiture, illuminate the skin and fade the rest.